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Life as a Bag in a Trip

My grandfather passed away early this year, after spending his entire 74-years of life in the same village. I made a bag for him. I started to make bags back in 2003, for my parents. Unlike me who have traveled all over the world, my parents have never been out of the homeland, like a pair of trees. I made the bags because of the pain I felt about how my parents have never gotten to see the world. It hurts me because they would only provide, and not take, just like a pair of trees. The trees, my parents, have always wanted me to become an important person for this world. For the benefit of this world, my parents have been sending me out to the world. Not for their own gains but for the benefit of the world, they insist that I must contribute to this world in the way I can.

The most important aspect of all the travels I have done is the people I have encountered on the road. I am not a type of person who easily makes friends; rather I would keep distance and observe people. Still, those who I have encountered on the road have had bigger influences on me than all the people I have met in my home country, Korea. It would be appropriate to say that I could finally gain a broader, cosmopolitan view of the world when I left Korea. Like the frog on the bottom of a well that finally jumped out to the world and faced the endless sky, I want to see and experience everything out there. Because my parents have to stay put because of me. It will be hard to bear when my parents, pass away without having the opportunity to see the world, still inside the well like my grandfather had been.

It was a traditional Korean funeral that my grandfather had upon his passing, and he turned to a jar of ashes after cremation. It was the moment, when I saw his ashes, the person who used to be bigger and taller than me, being scattered through the wind, that I decided to become someone who can contribute to the world. On the way home from the funeral, I contemplated what I can do best and what can satisfy me the most.